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Whereas: The City of Ventnor, New Jersey (hereinafter called the CITY) has entered into an exclusive agreement with The Art Department Design Studios LLC, DBA Ventnor City Ads (hereinafter called the AGENCY), to solicit advertising to be placed on City of Ventnor property including boardwalk pole banners and other advertising signage on the Ventnor City boardwalk and in other City locations.

Authorization: ADVERTISER does hereby contract with Agency to purchase certain advertisements as reserved herein within the City:

1. TERM:

Advertiser understands that the above placements have been reserved to display for the 2023 Extended Summer Season subject to all terms and conditions as set forth in this agreement.Extended Summer Season start and end dates are determined by and at the sole discretion of the City of Ventnor, NJ. For the purposes of this agreement, while it is generally understood that the Extended Summer Season covers a term of approximately 5.5 months beginning in May and ending in October of the contract year, in no event will a lesser duration as determined by the City constitute a breach of any part or condition of this contract.


The Advertiser agrees to pay the sum of $    ________ for the placement(s) and term specified herein.This payment does not include logo design. Advertiser will supply their logo design file in a suitable manner and format as instructed by the Agency. Advertising fees are payable in full upon signing this agreement. Advertising contracts accepted after the start of the season will be invoiced at the full season contract rate.

  1. Applicable design fees will be invoiced to Advertiser as agreed in advance if advertiser chooses to have the Agency’s designers create their logo design.
  2. Advertising fees are not refundable.
  1. Advertiser may have the option of renewing their advertising agreement if they have fully met their contract obligations, including timely payment of all advertising fees.(While renewals are not guaranteed, it is the Agency’s general intent to give Advertiser the“right of first refusal” on contracted advertising space.)
  2. If the previously reserved advertising location is available to Advertiser for renewal, Agency will disclose all terms and fees for renewal in a written contract, by February 15 of the applicable contract year.
  3. Advertiser shall notify Agency of their intention to renew their contract by signing and returning their renewal contract by February 15 of the applicable contract year.Advertiser’s failure to renew by this date could result in Advertiser’s loss of preferred
  4. Should this contract be terminated by either Advertiser or Agency before its end date,
  5. Upon Advertiser’s notice to Agency of contract termination, Agency may seek are placement advertiser for contract location.
  1. Placements will be kept in good working condition.
    1. The Agency’s financial liability for loss or damage to placement be limited to the Advertiser’s pro-rata advertising fee for the period of in operability.
    2. The Agency shall be harmless for any loss of Advertiser revenue, which may be associated with placement loss or damage.
  1. Design: Artwork design is the Advertiser’s responsibility.
  2. Advertiser shall supply finished artwork that meets the display specifications for the contracted placement.
  3. Both Agency and City reserve the right to reject any artwork whatsoever, including copy or images not in good taste, or which it deems otherwise objectionable.

Placements will be installed by the Agency of the City as required.

7. Entire Agreement.

It is expressly understood that the Agency is not bound by any stipulations, representations or agreements not embodied in this contract.